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League of Legends Cheat

Our LoL Cheats are driving in the cheat business. We offer the best answer for protected and forceful players. Our Script gives you full control over the diversion, you can fierceness or play genuine like an expert. Our Visual and Health Bar changes give you full review of the players, you will dependably know their cooldowns!

League of Legends Cheat

General Information

  • Cheat Framework
  • v2.0
  • Servers
  • Highlight List
  • General Script
  • Content Reaction Time (from 0 to 500ms)
  • Content APM (from 1 to 600 APM)
  • Sphere Walker (Off/OnPress/On)
  • Flunky Mode (Off/Last Hit/Lane Clear)
  • Champion Mode (Off/Harass/Combo)
  • Champion On Click
  • Champion Focus (Nearest/Nearest Mouse/Lowest HP/Weakest/Crowd Control)
  • Target Threat Priority (0 – > 5)
  • Champions Script
  • Kalista (Damage Indicator, Auto Spell E)
  • Jerk (Damage Indicator, Auto Spell Q, Auto Spell W, Auto Spell E, Auto Spell R)
  • Vayne (Damage Indicator, E Wall Indicator, Auto Spell Q, Auto Spell E, Auto Spell R)
  • Tristana (Damage Indicator, R Kick Indicator, Auto Spell Q, Auto Spell E, Auto Spell R)
  • new Cassiopeia (Damage Indicator, Auto Spell Q, Auto Spell W, Auto Spell E, Auto Spell R)
  • Summoners Script
  • Auto-Smite (Off/OnPress/On)
  • Destroy Target (Epic Monsters/Epic and Buffs/All)
  • Auto-Ignite (Off/OnPress/On)
  • Light under HP%
  • Auto-Heal (Off/OnPress/On)
  • Recuperate under HP%
  • Recuperate if close foes
  • Auto-Barrier (Off/OnPress/On)
  • Boundary under HP%
  • Boundary if close foes
  • Auto-Cleanse (Off/OnPress/On)
  • Rinse under HP%
  • Rinse if close foes
  • Rinse on Root, Stun, Slow, Blind, Charm, Fear, Taunt, Silence, Polymorph
  • Things Script
  • Auto-Potion (Off/OnPress/On)
  • Elixir under HP%
  • Auto-Qss (Off/OnPress/On)
  • Qss if close foes
  • Qss on Root, Stun, Slow, KnockBack, Knock Up, Blind, Charm, Fear, Taunt, NearSight, Silence, Suppression, Polymorph
  • Auto-Mikael (Off/OnPress/On)
  • Mikael if close foes
  • Mikael Target Selection
  • Auto-BotRK and Cutlass (On Combo Mode)


  • Self Range Circle
  • Champion Range Circle (Ally/Enemy/All)
  • Turret Range Circle (Ally/Enemy/All)
  • LastHit Indicator Circle
  • Harm Indicator (AA/Q/W/E/R/QWER/Full)
  • Show Enemy Wards
  • Show Enemy Clones (Wukong/Leblanc/Shaco)
  • Wilderness Timer (TopScreen/Minimap/All)
  • Skillshots Indicator (Linear skillshots)
  • Wellbeing Bar
  • Show Summoners Cooldown
  • Show Spells Cooldown
  • Show Exp Bar
  • Hack
  • Scoreboard Hack (Show Enemy Summoners)
  • Fov Hack
  • Other
  • 100% configurable Menu (Enable/Disable highlights without hardly lifting a finger)
  • Gushing
  • new Anti OBS.
  • Bolstered Anticheats
  • Mob anticheat.
  • Bolstered Operating Systems
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Backup links:
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